Outlook Mobile

Why Outlook Mobile is the Right Choice for You and Your Business

Connect. Organize. Get things done on the go

Outlook mobile brings the best of Office 365 at your fingertips. It combines a fast fluid experience with enterprise-grade security so you accomplish the most important tasks in just a few seconds.

Outlook mobile has been rated as the top email and calendar app by The Vergeand Gizmodorespectively.

Over 100customers across the world trust Outlook mobile to stay connected and organized on the go.

“With Outlook mobile and Teams’ mobile app you have access to

everything else that’s embedded within it, be it PowerPoint, or Excel, or your files in OneDrive, team conversations or calendar events. So, using these apps to do anything you need easily and conveniently

from your phone, makes things so much more efficient and quick.”

Tom Moss, Senior Vice President, Mobile Division, Razer

“Microsoft Intune and mobile email with Exchange Online have been tremendous timesavers. With Intune, employees download the Microsoft Outlook mobile app, we apply the correct policies, and

they’re off and running.”

Tony Qualls, Director of Enterprise Technical Services at Adventist Health System

10 ways to stay on top of your 

10 ways to stay on top of your day and achieve Inbox Zen with Outlook mobile

  • Access email, calendar, contacts, Office documents, and online meetings in one place. No need to switch back and forth between multiple apps
  • Check your coworkers availability right from calendar and find a common time to
  • Share available meeting times with customers and partners in just one
  • Share and delegate calendars
  • Quickly Open, edit and share Office documents– either attachments or stored on OneDrive
  • Book conference rooms and finding suggested meeting locations
  • Find emails, events, and files from your top contacts in seconds
  • Check-in to your upcoming flight with one tap
  • Quickly scan emails to see which require action through @mentions
  • @mention to tag individuals within an email to call their attention for specific actions

All while protecting your confidential information and helping keep you in compliance with your organization’s policies

Everything in One Place

  • Outlook mobile brings together the core tools you need to get things done—your email, calendar, contacts and files—so you can work efficiently
  • Quickly view, edit or share attachments or Office Documents from OneDrive for Business or other cloud storage
  • Look up rich contact information, including organization and reporting structure for coworkers
  • Quickly access your favorite folders and most used Office 365 groups
  • Easily keep track of emails and invites from the key people in your life through favorite people and notifications (coming soon)

Stay organized wherever you are

Intelligence that anticipates your needs

A fast, fluid yet familiar experience you can personalize

  • Schedule an email for follow-up at a later time in just one swipe
  • Do Not Disturb allows you to have focused work or personal time off (currently on Android, coming soon to iOS)
  • @mention or tag individuals within an email to specific action items
  • Customized swipe actions allow you to accomplish common actions like deleting, archiving an email in a snap
  • Personalize the app to work best for you

Secure and manage with ease with Outlook mobile and Intune

Easy Set-Up and Management

  • Scaled, consistent deployments with app configuration policies. Specify access control with pin, biometrics, or credentials
  • Ensure only corporate accounts are added to compartmentalize work data
  • Remotely wipe the corporate data on lost or stolen devices
  • Define policies to control access to corporate data on mobile devices
  • Lower TCO and helpdesk costs with one app while giving your users choice to use the device they want

Information Protection

  • App protection policy framework provides Data protection as well as access controls – such as encrypting corporate data on device or preventing corporate data being saved onto unapproved locations and restricting cut, copy paste of sensitive information
  • Outlook mobile with EMS allows you to enforce conditional access to Exchange, set device enrollment conditions, protect company data by adding only work accounts, and restrict content syncing to local devices
  • Control which email client accesses Exchange mailboxes and help ensure only trusted devices access Exchange Online
  • Supports labeling sensitive emails to prevent forwarding/copying confidential emails (coming soon)
  • S/MIME support (coming soon)

Secure End-to-End Connectivity

  • Secure end to end connections with TLS encryption
  • Leverages modern authentication and supports multi-factor authentication
  • Built in protection against viruses, spam, phishing attacks, Safe Links and attachments (ATP) with Office 365

Outlook mobile is fully architected on the Microsoft cloud and works with your existing on-premises, hybrid and cloud infrastructure.

Technical Documentation

Hybrid Modern Authentication Outloomobile supports US GCC High App Config Policy

Conditional Access


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