SharePoint delivers a platform for document collaboration, list creation, information-sharing, web page creation and other related services. Primarily intended for workgroups, departments and even relatively small assemblies of users to collaborate on shared documents, SharePoint affords a means for employees to easily share information. As the fastest growing product in Microsoft history, the ease and functionality of SharePoint continues to attract users within all sectors of the business world.

The Glitterati possesses years of experience successfully implementing SharePoint, regardless of industry or workgroup size. The Glitterati implements SharePoint with user-friendly tools and solutions. As your technology partner, we want to help our clients reap the rewards of successful and efficient business systems.

Assessment & Planning

Assessment of the current environment and creation of a logical plan to solve business problems and maximize the value of the SharePoint investment. The Glitterati offers a step-by-step SharePoint assessment that delivers a clear and scalable road map for implementing SharePoint. Without the right assessment and execution, the creation and maintenance of SharePoint solutions can drain valuable resources.

Installation & Implementation

The Glitterati will perform the entire Microsoft SharePoint installation whether it’s on-premises, in the cloud or a hybrid deployment. Our team of accomplished professionals are well-versed in SharePoint best practices and have the skills and experience to help clients meet their unique needs.

Customization & Branding

The Glitterati will assist with design and implementation of SharePoint sites that reflect the organization’s business. Design and branding is a key element in any SharePoint implementation, and The Glitterati has experience in applying visual designs to SharePoint as well as using varied techniques for branding, including the creation of Custom Site Definitions, Custom Themes, and Custom Site Templates.

Custom Development

Glitterati developers have expertise covering the full Microsoft stack (SharePoint, SQL, .NET) as well as modern web technologies such as HTML 5, CSS 3, JavaScript and more.
This experience allows our team to utilize a wide range of existing code bases, saving your development project time and money.


With the proliferation of SharePoint, so will the need for individuals skilled with this solution. The Glitterati can impart the knowledge required to learn SharePoint, be it as an end user, site user, power user, site owner, administrator or those looking to achieve certification.