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What is IntakeQ?

IntakeQ provides telehealth and well-made and secure electronic intake forms for health professionals. IntakeQ makes it possible for healthcare professionals to offer an amazing onboarding experience, while also optimizing and streamlining the intake process. Additionally, IntakeQ offers practice management features, including scheduling, payment, appointment reminders, secure messaging, invoicing, and insurance billing.

Build your own online intake forms. Send them privately to your clients or embed them on your website. IntakeQ is HIPAA compliant and supports e-signatures.

What is Telehealth?

IntakeQ Telehealth - IntakeQ Knowledge Base

Telehealth is a broad term that includes all types of remotely-performed healthcare services. Enabled by ever-evolving technology, this rapidly emerging category of healthcare includes virtual visits; remote diagnoses, evaluation, and patient monitoring; online healthcare education; and more. Under this umbrella also fall the additional categories of telecare and telemedicine, as well as certain types of healthcare administration.

Virtual Visits

In some cases, face-to-face visits are necessary–such as when a physician needs to perform a physical exam on a patient. But in other cases, a virtual visit – under the umbrella of telemedicine may be sufficient.

Ongoing Care for Patients with Chronic Conditions

Remote patient monitoring (RPM) – which falls under the category of telecare – uses specific kinds of technologies to collect data from patients right from their homes and safely transmit that data to providers. Types of data that may be collected can include vital signs (like body temperature and pulse rate), weight, blood pressure, blood sugar, blood oxygen levels, heart rate, and more.

RPM can be especially helpful for patients with chronic issues – such as diabetes or heart disease. Not only does remote monitoring help them to take more control of their own health, but if critical signals are picked up, they can more quickly respond to and receive the care they need.

Remote Medication Prescription

Remote prescription typically follows a virtual visit, although there are limitations to the kind of drug physicians can prescribe (such as painkillers). Like a virtual visit, remote prescription can be especially beneficial to patients who may have barriers to visiting their physicians directly.

Remote Education and Administration

Telehealth doesn’t necessarily relate directly to patient-provider interaction; it can also refer to the administrative aspect of healthcare, as well as ongoing education for healthcare professionals. Communications involving patient data fall under the category of telehealth, as well as a license renewal program for a physician.

Benefits of Telehealth

Just as remote technology has made shopping, communicating, and working faster and more efficient, so too has remote technology transformed healthcare.

Telehealth has a potentially endless number of benefits – especially as new technologies emerge. In the meanwhile, here are a few of the core benefits:


Virtual visits offer a new level of accessibility to high-quality healthcare for those living in remote, hard-to-reach places. Individuals living in rural communities, for example, have historically faced very limited access to proper healthcare. With the continuing closure of hospitals in rural areas, this limited access has verged on crisis.

While virtual visits cannot offer clinical care, they could help residents living in these areas manage their own health, be diagnosed, and receive prescriptions. Virtual visits also increase much-needed accessibility for patients who have difficulty leaving their homes or visiting an office, clinic, or hospital.


Telehealth can help to expedite both clinical and administrative processes in the healthcare industry. Virtual visits and ongoing care for the chronically sick lighten the patient load in healthcare facilities and are far more cost and time effective for both parties.

Improved Care

As mentioned above, remote patient monitoring can significantly increase the quality of care for critically ill and chronically ill patients by sending critical signals to providers on an ongoing basis. In fact, one study showed that patients with heart failure who participated in remote patient monitoring saw lower hospitalization costs.

Telehealth is also giving rise to new technologies such as wearable healthcare that can help individuals monitor their own health and improve their overall outcomes.

Benefit of IntakeQ

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