Connect Satellites to Azure

Azure Orbital Ground Station provides low-latency connection between your satellites and Azure.

Extend Satellite Communications

Azure Orbital Ground Station provides low-latency connection between your satellites and Azure. Extend satellite communications coverage with a global partner ecosystem of ground station networks, cloud modems, and telemetry, tracking, and control functions.

Manage Satellite Data at cloud scale with Azure Orbital

The need for low latency, high capacity ground infrastructure is becoming more critical as the public and private sectors launch large numbers of satellites and new constellations into space. Microsoft is bringing its world-leading ground infrastructure alongside partners to support this industry.

Data access Governance Reports

As security and compliance requirements increase across industries and the amount of business data grows exponentially, organizations need tools to help govern their data. We established data access governance reports with our clients. These reports provide info that helps our clients govern access to SharePoint data. The reports also help our clients discover sites that contain potentially overshared or sensitive content. Our clients then use these reports to assess and apply appropriate security and compliance policies.

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Information barriers help strengthen access, sharing, and membership of a site based on its IB mode and segments associated with the site.

Downlink data from a satellite and quickly ingest it directly into Azure for seamless use with Azure services such as Azure Storage, Azure AI, and Azure Data Analytics.

In addition to using Microsoft’s ground stations, take advantage of a rich ecosystem of partner options from industry leaders such as KSAT and others to schedule contacts with your satellite systems.

SharePoint Benefits


SharePoint authentication

Select from a global network of Microsoft and partner antennas, and scale as you grow your satellite fleet.


Secure the Network

Rely on resilient and security-enhanced ground stations for sending and receiving data from your satellite.


Streamline Satellite Management

We guide clients through limiting access which allows users to remain productive while addressing the risk of accidental data loss on unmanaged devices.


Connect on Demand

Pay only for what you use with any antenna in the global network.

Why SharePoint?


Azure Orbital is a Ground Station Service delivering low latency connectivity from your satellites to the Microsoft Azure cloud. Azure Orbital Ground station a Service provides free backhaul of satellite data from any site to any region. Pay only for antenna time, on a per-minute rate, to execute your satellite contact.