Press Release: Chase Mission Street

Press Release: Chase Mission Street


Las Vegas, NV, June 1, 2015 ( – Help The Glitterati Grow by Voting Online Before June 19

The Glitterati, a Las Vegas based Software Consultancy, has applied for a $100,000 grant from Chase’s, Mission Main Street Grants®.

The Glitterati must submit a questionnaire outlining a business plan that will result in growth of the business and receive at least 250 votes to be eligible for a grant. Full eligibility requirements are available in the Program Rules ( Customers, fans and community members can show support for The Glitterati by voting at using Facebook Connect.

The voting deadline is June 19, 2015 and grant recipients will be selected by expert panelists. [Quote from Business leadership demonstrating the impact $100,000 would have on the business and relevant communities. For example: “Business X is striving to grow and expand by doing XYZ. Receiving this grant would be an unbelievable opportunity to ensure the work of this business continues in Town X,” said Business X Director, Name X.]

Through Mission Main Street Grants, Chase will award $2 million to 20 small business across America. All businesses that apply for a grant and meet the eligibility requirements will receive access to a small business webcast by Premier Sponsor, LinkedIn. In addition, the 20 grant recipients will receive a trip to LinkedIn headquarters.

The 20 grant recipients will be announced in September 2015. For additional details about Mission Main Street Grants visit​

About Mission Main Street Grants
Demonstrating an ongoing commitment to small business, Chase launched Mission Main Street Grants, a program that will award 20 grants of $100,000 to small businesses across America. By completing a business profile, a grant questionnaire, and meeting relevant eligibility requirements, small businesses will have access to special offers from the Premier Sponsor, LinkedIn. Chase is committed to helping small businesses so they can take big steps for their business and community.​

About The Glitterati
The Glitterati leverages bleeding edge technology to create and enhance lifestyle. The Glitterati will afford a means to run a more efficient business unit and derive greater value from IT. We develop new innovative solutions while continuing to maintain ongoing operations in line with cost and quality expectations.


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