Waters Corporation

We implemented the first enterprise SharePoint sites for Waters Corporation, serving more than 5,000 team members worldwide. This included but is not limited to the deployment of the SharePoint Modern experience nationwide to the teams, the configuration of Exchange, AD, Office 365 Groups, Teams groups, and more.


A New SharePoint Implementation:

  • SharePoint Development
  • Global Team
  • Manage and the promotion of User adoption


Winning over the Teams!

  • Modern SharePoint deployed, not Classic, introducing a more attractive UI that Users like.
  • Leadership training promoted the leaders to share their voice and build and share themselves.
  • Increased adoption at all levels throughout the corporation.

The Results

The deployment of an attractive, highly adopted Modern SharePoint experience.  We also empowered the leadership to share their voice and broke the chains that typically make leadership and the business dependent on IT and creatives for SharePoint.

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