Idaho Nuclear Facility

The U.S. Department of Energy has called upon The Glitterati on more than one occasion.  Our primary role has focused on SharePoint and Microsoft products, however, our overall body of work has been the consolidation of information, enabling the sharing of information among scientists, and collaboration.


Breathe New Life into an End-of-Life SharePoint Environment

The NCNS Document Repository was built as a SharePoint site expanding outward to include a specific SharePoint document repository. The document repository was built with individual document libraries for each shared “Report” library and “Data” library. The document repository also contained libraries of the “Imaging”, “images”, and video content.

The repository was beyond its life expectancy and, slated for improvement, was scalability, the integrity of data, storage, ease of use, search functionality, and validation of data.


A Ground-Up Rebuild Delivered Exceeded Client Need

The Glitterati performed a ground-up rebuild of the “Full Toss” environment and exceeded all required deliverables and ahead of schedule. We eliminated the variant databases in use and consolidated them into a warehouse and modernized SharePoint as the location for both input and retrieval of data and assets. We built both the proof of concept, the production environments, and all documentation for the NNSA.

    • Architecture and development of the SharePoint document repositories and databank for the National Nuclear Security Administration Data Vault.
    • Deployment of Bamboo Web Parts alongside OOTB SharePoint components.
    • Custom navigation and user management, both accepting and in other cases not acknowledging AD.
    • Custom navigation, topline, quick launch, and site-specific.
    • Published customized DataBank reports using Tableau dashboards.
    • Created visualizations and dashboards using Tableau Desktop.
    • Developed Tableau workbooks from multiple data sources.

The Results

We over-delivered modernizing SharePoint, migrating data, and enriched both collaboration and communication.


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