RelentJess Designs Racerback Apparel

Our client needed a new website brand with very short notice.  We not only rebranded our client, but we also performed the full website rebrand in 24 hours!  The new website incorporated all features and functionality from their previous website, but added new style, new features, and corrected errors and issues with the previous WordPress installation.


RelentJess Designs wanted:

  • Correction of issues with the previous WordPress site.
  • A website that is more focused on their body of work and portfolio.
  • No changes, rework, or refactoring of their current Woocommerce environment.
  • No downtime.
  • Delivery within 24 hours.


WordPress Rebuild and Rebranding

  • The Glitterati staged a new WordPress website internally.
  • Corrected all issues in the Staging environment and built out a new site within 18 hours.
  • Reviewed the new WordPress website with RelentJess Designs.
  • Met revisions requests and deployed inside of 24 hours.

The Results

The client continues to be thrilled with the new WordPress website and the impressive delivery speed.  Additionally, our client was very happy with the results and, upon completion of this work expanded the scope to include a second project.  The Glitterati team met a very demanding request and delivered both accurately and timely.