Legrand US

Our client needed a SharePoint Communications Hub and SharePoint sites serving teams in France, North America, and Central America. This includes the first Modern SharePoint Experience, Branding, and collaboration with the Legrand teams in all individual countries.


The Legrand Teams were to:

  • Use the SharePoint Modern Experience.
  • Increase and streamline communications.
  • Reduce the need for IT regarding the management of SharePoint and communications.
  • Integrate Yammer with the Modern SharePoint experience.


Modernization and Clean Building

  • Rebuild of in-place SharePoint environments where possible, think “lift and shifts”
  • Brand new builds of some SharePoint sites and the new build of SharePoint sites not yet available but needed.
  • Yammer integration per team, per SharePoint site.
  • A uniform parent, child SharePoint architecture.

The Results

The client was very happy with the results and, upon completion of this work expanded the scope to include a second project. The expert talent and skills of the internal team helped ensure user adoption was not a challenge. The Glitterati dedicated team member resources post-implementation as well to guarantee any unexpected support issues or surprises could be resolved immediately. However, there were next to no issues post rollout and both the Legrand team and The Glitterati were able to focus on features, enhancements, and next steps.


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