Enjoy Corporate or Personal Travel on Your Schedule with a Learjet 31

Distance Flight Time
(Nautical Miles) (No Wind)
Las Vegas to Long Beach 200 0+30
Las Vegas to Oakland 353 nm 0+48
Las Vegas to Seattle 753 nm 1+52
Las Vegas to Dallas 924 nm 2+06
Las Vegas to Chicago 1,321 nm 3+00

Times are estimated and do not account for headwinds, possible air traffic control vectors, departure or arrival delays, maneuvering in the traffic pattern, etc. Purchase a 1/4 co-ownership interest in this outstanding 2001 Learjet 31A and schedule your next trip! View all the details on-line—departure and arrival time, airport and FBO details, phone numbers, etc. Email PDF itineraries to passengers or your office personnel. Depart from a private terminal at McCarran airport and avoid security lines, baggage searches, advance check-in times and all the hassles of commercial travel. Get to know your professionally trained flight crew personally.

* There is a four-hour minimum each month for each co-owner to ensure sufficient funds to pay for maintenance program minimum fees. Unused hours carry forward up to six months. There is a two-hour daily minimum on all trips. The per hour charge is calculated from engine start to engine shutdown and includes engine and airframe maintenance reserves, fuel and crew. Overnight charges are to cover crew accommodations, meals, rental vehicle, crew transfers, hangar or tie-down costs, etc. Your trips are deducted from your operations deposit. We bill you after each trip to replenish the operations deposit. The above monthly fixed costs are per 1/4 share owner and are all-inclusive of hangar, insurance, management fee, property taxes, GPS subscriptions, maintenance tracking, etc. Prices may be adjusted from time to time as actual costs change.

How can we give you an “all inclusive” price? We enroll the engines on the Honeywell MSP Gold maintenance service program which ensures the future value of your aircraft. Whether scheduled or unscheduled, engine maintenance is covered so you have no surprises. And because this is a late model, low time aircraft it qualifies for enrollment on the JSSI Term Airframe Program—the most comprehensive airframe program in the world. It covers virtually every part, component, assembly and system of the airframe, including all parts and labor for scheduled and unscheduled maintenance.

To learn more or to view the aircraft and schedule a tour of our facilities please contact us: Assistant@The-Glitterati.com