A Private Community for the Discerning

Discover a realm of unparalleled access, exclusive events, and extraordinary networking opportunities, curated exclusively for the influential and discerning.

Why The Glitterati

We exist to fulfill the unique needs of a distinct segment of society, offering a combination of luxury, exclusivity, and meaningful connections that are not found in more accessible organizations.

A Community of Peers

For individuals who have reached a certain level of success, finding a community of peers who share similar experiences and challenges can be difficult.

Privacy and Exclusivity

In an age where privacy can be scarce, especially for highly influential individuals, we offer a private and exclusive setting where members can relax, socialize, and conduct business away from the public eye.

Curated Experiences

There is a growing demand for unique, high-quality experiences that are not readily available to the general public. We offer access to exclusive events, luxury retreats, and bespoke experiences, catering to the sophisticated tastes of our members.

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Innovative Companies and Ventures Spearheaded by our Members

Furnish Las Vegas

Furnish Las Vegas is committed to selling high-quality cloud couches at a reasonable price while keeping couches that still have life in circulation, and reducing waste.

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Las Vegas, NV


Explore a diverse range of unisex athleisure, and women's clothing with cool graphics, seasonal styles, and stylish accessories.

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Las Vegas, NV

Hammer Spear

Hammer Spear delivers aspect of a client’s personal and professional life, ensuring that all their needs are met with the highest standard of professionalism and discretion.

Elevating Influence: The Essence of The Glitterati

The Glitterati stands as a beacon of exclusivity and opportunity in a bustling world, offering a sanctuary for influential individuals to connect, grow, and indulge in unparalleled experiences. More than just luxury; it’s a dynamic confluence of networking, personal enrichment, and access to the extraordinary. Catering to those who have reached the pinnacles of their fields, The Glitterati is where we convene to shape the future, indulge in the exceptional, and forge connections that transcend the ordinary.

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